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Satoshi Kawata, a brief description    

Satoshi Kawata received his BSc, Msc, and PhD all in Applied Physics in 1974, 76, and 79, respectively, from Osaka University.  After the experience of postdoctral fellow of JSPS, he spent two years in University of California, at Irvine as a Research Associate.  He joined Osaka University as a faculty member in 1981 and was promoted to Professor of Applied Physics in 1993. He joined RIKEN as a Chief Scientist from 2002 to 2012 and as a Team Leader from 2012 to 2015.  

Professor Kawata is now the Distinguished Professor of Departments of Applied Physics and Frontier Bioscience at Osaka University, and a Honorary Scientist of RIKEN.  He is currently the President of JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics), and has served as General Chair of SPIE Nano Science and Engineering. He is a Fellow of OSA, IOP, SPIE, and JSAP.  

He is one of the pioneers in near field optics (the inventor of tip-enhanced near-field microscopy), three-dimensional microscopy (laser  CT microscopy, 3D data storage), plasmoics (SPR sensors, plasmon holography, plasmon laser, plasmonic microscopy), two-photon engineering (two-photon polymerization, two-photon isomerization, two-photon photorefraction, two-photon SPP, etc), bio-imaging, and signal recovery.

He has authored/edited more than 30 books and published more than 400 papers with h-index 63, and was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan, Japan IBM Science Award, LVMH da Vinci Excellence, Shimadzu Award, and many others. The "8-micron bull" fabricated with his invented two-photon technology has been awarded in Guinness World Record Book 2004 Edition. 


1974    B.Sc in Applied Physics, Osaka university
1976    M.Sc in Applied Physics, Osaka university
1979    Ph.D in Applied Physics, Osaka University

Distinguished Professor, Osaka University since 2013
 Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University since 1993
, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University since 2003
Chairman of the BoardNanophoton Corporation since 2003

2007-15   Executive Director, Photonics Advanced Research Center, 
                 Osaka University
2012-15    Team Leader, RIKEN
2002-12    Chief Scientist, RIKEN
2002-04    Professor, Information & Physical Sciences, Osaka Univ.
2001-04    Director, Frontier Research Center (FRC), Osaka Univ.
1993-        Professor of Applied Physics, Osaka University
1992         Associate Professor of Applied Physics, Osaka University
1981-91   Assistant Professor of Applied Physics, Osaka University
1979-81   Research Associate of Electrical Engineering, 
                University of California, Irvine
1979        Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 
               Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Society Services
2014-15 President, JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics) 
2012-13 Vice-President, JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics) 
2012-     General Co-Chair, Nano-Science + Engineering, SPIE
2010-11  General Chair, Annual Meetings, JSAP
2009- 10 OSA Executive Committee, Member, Board of Directors
2009- 10 OSA  Chair of International Council
2007-08  President, Spectroscopical Society of Japan

Conference Organizer  

UK-Japan Photonics and Metamaterials Workshop, Tokyo
UV Nanophotonics Symposium, Osaka
JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia,JSAP Fall Meeting,
SPIE Nano-Science+Engineering, San Diego
FINNISH-JAPANESE Workshop on Functional Materials 
FOM2008 (Focus on Microscopy), Awaji Isle

SPIE Plasmonics:Nano-imaging,Nano-fabrication and Their Applications, San Diego
INPS1-3 International Nanophotonics Synposium Handai, Osaka
JSPS Janan-France Micro-nano Photonics, Awaji Isle
3DM-2002 (Three-dimensional Optical Memory), Tokyo
4th Japan-Finland Conf on Optical Engineering, Osaka, FOM2000 (Focus on Microscopy), Shirahama
JSPS-ARC First Joint symposium, Melbourne
NFO-5 (International Conference on Near Field Optics), Shirahama



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Awards and Honors
2011    Esaki Leona Awars
2008    Society Award, Spectroscopy Society
2007    Medal of Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan
2007    Fellow, JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics)
2007    Fellow, SPIE
2005    MInister Award, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Japan
2004     The Best Paper (Review Article) Award, Japanese Society of Applied Physics
2003     Shimadzu Award, Shimadzu Foundation
2003     Fellow, OSA (the Optical Society)
2001     Fellow, Institute of Physics
1998     Ichimura Award, the New Technology Development Foundation, Japan
1997     Science Pour L’Art, Vinci d’Excellence, La Genese des Formes, Louis Vuitton Moét Hennessy
1989     Annual Society Awards, the Spectroscopy Society of Japan
1981     Best Optic Paper Awards, Japan Society of Applied Physics

1995-     Regional Representative, Journal of Microscopy, RMS
2000-09 Editor, Optics Communications, Elsevier
2009-      Journal of Biophotonics, Editorial Board 
2008-      Laser & Photonics Reviews, Editorial Board,  Wiley-VCH
2008-     Journal of Biophotonics, Editorial Board, Wiley-VCH
2012-      Nanophotonics, Editorial Board, de Gruyter